3 ways to narrow your search for video production websites

Jun 25, 2015 6:42:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus


If you are in the marketing and communication industry in this digital age, then you have likely heard that ‘Content is King.’ It’s a completely true statement, but a vague one. You can slice it into a multitude of different meanings, but, in short, your company needs to have a lot of content, and it needs to be good, in order to thrive in today’s marketing and communication-centric world.


There are also many different ways to define ‘good content,’ but some must-have elements include having relevancy to your audience, being on-target and looking professional. Basically, your content needs to be of interest to your client audience, it needs to target their wants and needs and it has to be well put together. Achieving those 'good content' elements in written and static visuals—such as infographics—isn’t all that difficult to do, but it’s a completely different story when you wade into the realm of video.


Why You Need Video Production Services

If you have a degree or experience in Marketing, Communications or in a related field AND a degree or experience in cinematography and video production, please stand up to receive your applause. Anyone? Anyone?

While you are not a video expert, your company needs to be utilizing video constantly if you are to stay competitive. Publishing video content should be a monthly, weekly or even daily endeavor. Video is an expected form of content, and your business cannot  hope to remain competitive without it.

The truth of the matter is that video production services require real expertise to achieve that last element of a professional-looking video. Video is not terribly forgiving. Client audiences are so used to a top-notch video experience that something that looks amateur-made will only get an amateur-level response. Your best option is to utilize a video production service, but where do you begin?


Narrowing Down Video Production Websites

There are many video production websites out there, so how do you know which is the right one to choose? Narrow your search by looking for these three features:

  1. A multimedia production company that offers the complete package. You want to find video production websites for companies that provide production services from the beginning of the idea to the end, from pre-production to post production, and deliver a final video for you to use online, for TV and so on.
  2. A video production company comes with experience. You don’t want your company’s video campaigns to be the ones that new video production sites cut their teeth on. You need a production group with experience in a wide range of video production, from creating a documentary to shooting product demos to making a promotional video. Search the video production websites for a wide range of examples, and view them to ensure the company is up to snuff.
  3. A video production company with a focus on creativity. Video production is a creative art, and you want the videos created for your company to have that extra creative and intuitive edge. When viewing past work on the video production websites, look for that Wow Factor that your company’s videos deserve. From concept development, to cinematography to screenwriting, a video’s elements must impress.


Invest some time on the front end of choosing a video production company, and you won’t have the headache of having to find another when a quick first choice flops. Spend some time investigating video production sites, and you’ll find a video producer that your company can turn to again and again for great video content.




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