5 Phoenix video production resources for industry producers

Dec 27, 2014 12:24:00 PM

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If you are traveling to or planning a video production in Phoenix, AZ, you will be taken care of very well with the number of resources available to both the broadcast and motion picture production world.

Catering to all aspects of production including crew member hire, video camera rental, grip truck rental, video editing service and complete video production packages, here are a few house hold names in terms of the Phoenix production companies.

There are many other reputable companies that should arguably been included on this list. However, I wanted to highlight some of the key players for traveling industry producers in this tier of...



Video Production Phoenix 

1. Arizona Production Association

video-production-phoenix-arizona-production-associationThe APA is one of Arizona's most trusted productions resources. Both broadcast and motion picture, the APA makes everyone of their members complete an interview process. The APA is a non profit organization dedicated to film making and media professionals located in the desert. Their board of representatives is compiled of talented producers and business owners from around the entire state of Arizona. Be sure to take a look at the APA Production Personnel page to find individual operators for your next phoenix video production. 



2. MP&E


MP&E specializes in providing production resources to the valley including video camera rentals, grip truck rental & production accessories. Holding the largest inventory of video camera rentals in the valley, MP&E originated in Texas and has locations in Colorado as well. With the right amount of notice, MP&E can provide any piece of production equipment needed for the job.



3. Glendale Media Center

Relatively new, Glendale Media Center is one of the largest production studios in the valley. Offering several different facilities, their 4 floor studio is stunning. From large green screen cycloramas to full blown television sets, they are located in the heart of Arizona's broadcast land next door to the Cardinals NFL Stadium. 



4. Blade

video-production-phoenix-bladeBlade cuts is by far one of Arizona's most advanced post production companies. Offering enhanced video editing services, CGI, motion graphics and davinchi resolve color correcting services, their work speaks for itself in terms of style and innovation.





5. EAR

EAR has been the valley's leading equipment provider and consultation for all types of media businesses and professionals since the late 1970's. From cinema to broadcast, and recording gear to instruments, EAR has many different experts that have extensive knowledge behind the equipment it takes to produce quality media content. 


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