5 tips for small business video production

Jan 8, 2015 1:42:00 PM

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Posted by Trenton Massey

digital-camera-237414_640Small business's operate a lot differently than large corporations, though a lot of things are universal on all planes of business, some subjects should be approached differently depending on their annual income... subjects like video production. When trying to tackle a production for a small business, producers might find themselves trying to exhaust all resources just to make it work for their budget or find other troublesome road blocks when working with small business video production.

There are solutions around the headaches one might encounter working with these types of projects... Here are some tips.


1. Never spend your own money for any video production 

Yeah, it has your name on it and you want it to look good, but this is not your brain child. It is not going to be some groundbreaking piece of art, it's either a commercial, recruitment, or training video. So do not get stuck on trying to express your artistic value and ability to the max with projects you simply can not afford to. Do your best with the budget you are given and keep the focus on the project at hand and not yourself. 


 2. Avoid the "Buddy buddy" routine

I'll explain what this is... It's when you first meet the representative or owner of a company and they try to act as if they're your best friend within the first 5 minutes of meeting you. Yeah... don't fall for it... and don't get me wrong, it's great to make friends with business affiliates and smooth each other over, but notice the con when it slaps you across the face. They will most definitely be asking for more than they paid you for. 


 3. Hire a video crew that can multi-task

On a video production for a small business, you will probably be cutting corners in the amount of people you hire to fill positions and will only be hiring key crew positions absolutely necessary for the production. If this is so, you will want to find crew members that are jacks of all trades. There will most likely be a situation where you need something executed and no one is there to do it. If that happens and you've hired the right people, one or two key crew members should be able to double task to get it done. If you end up asking your crew to handle multiple jobs, compensate accordingly and leave them a cherry on top.


 4. Be frugal when renting video equipment

It's easy to get carried away and think that you need more than you do to get a production accomplished correctly. While renting equipment for a shoot, keep it down to the bare necessities. Get with your gaffer, sound department, and cinematographer to figure out exactly what they need to get the job done the best they can with the budget provided. Be clear with them about the need to be frugal and they should have suggestions for your price range. 


 5. Cross all T's and dot all lines... Twice!

When dealing with small business video production, there is usually a bit of development work left up to the representative or owner of a company. This could be the location of the shoot, the props involved, background elements, costumes... Whatever the case, you need to be on them like white on rice to make sure everything is figured out and handled during pre production. The last thing you need is egg on your face the day of production because you didn't double and triple check everything before hand. Do not leave it completely up to them if you can get away with it. 


These are just tips to consider, every shoot is different. Hopefully you're fully supporting yourself working with video production for a living and you know that every job is a good job... most of them anyway. It's all what you make of it.


Here are a few additional resources that are catered towards small businesses and start ups. 

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