Benefits of Potential Corporate Video Production Services

May 24, 2015 1:30:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus

In determining what is the best media platform to use to reach out to customers, as well as to facilitate B2B communications and in-house training, the business owner often agonizes over whether a blog is best, or a larger social media footprint, or if using video production services is the way to go.

Benefits of Potential Corporate Video Production Services

The answer in each case is all of the above. No one method of communication will serve all your goals. You want to be able to engage others (here’s where video really shines) and have all the detailed information available once your audience is looking for it, which is where a blog may be ideal, for example.

B2B corporate web videos in particular can benefit from having just the right mix of humor and story combined with the core message to make sure that key information is retained.  Often, a dry uninspired video with information overload achieves the opposite of what is intended. questions_to_ask_when_hiring_a_corporate_production_company

Chances are you are already using social marketing in your business (and if not, you should), so video share is the next step to help facilitate your growth.What is video share? High-quality professionally-created short videos that can easily be embedded anywhere, or presented conventionally by themselves. Video share allows you to put a human face on information that would otherwise be buried in tedious text-based materials, and it allows for more dynamic presentation of promotional material. Generating video share content, which used to be highly cost prohibitive in comparison to graphic design and printed materials, is becoming very affordable with the declining cost of video equipment that nevertheless provide outstanding quality.

Some of this quality is so high (i.e. 4K video) that currently there are few outlets able to deliver it, but if you want evergreen video material that may be used in the long term, it may well be worthwhile to futureproof your video content by choosing video production services that work and deliver in 4K.  As with everything, the quality of your video provides a great opportunity to make your business look good to the outside world. Bad or unwatchable video can, unsurprisingly, leave a bad impression, and our expectations for the quality of video content are now very high with the switch to HD content in the field of television.  So be sure to have high-quality video shared on a platform that can support it. 

As well as attracting customers, video share can also be used for your in-house business operations, including training of new employees, sharing information, and providing an added sense of community among your workforce when this cannot be done in person. There’s no need to start from scratch, only the need to find the right video production services partner that understands the particular needs of a business like yours.



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