Best Camera Package For Small Business Video Production

Jun 5, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus

Thankfully, motion picture has advanced exponentially thanks to the influx of digital still and video cameras available on the market. At the same time, the abundance of camera choices makes it more challenging to choose the best one for the shot. This brief guide to the best camera package for your small video production should make the process easier.First, consider the shots you’re going after in the production. Some camera equipment is capable of handling all sorts of general clips and stills. But for pivotal scenes, you’ll want your cameraman to have access to some specialty cameras that excel at the particular effect you want.


sony_fs700_camera_packageClose-up shots are more important than ever to get just right. Cinema goers and home television viewers now have access to higher resolution and HD screens than ever before. Grainy close-ups indicate poor production quality that will reflect back on you and your company.

The Sony FS7 and the Sony FS700, available with the basic cameraman camera package, both offer top tier picture resolution when maxed out at close-up range. The hand grip on both these models make it easy for your cameraman to come in tight manually when your story telling demands it.





Arc shots can build tension by themselves when your cameraman is adept and has the right gear to pull it off. If you’re using this one-off shot you want to have a camera that is capable of this, plus more. It never makes sense budget-wise to carry equipment that only does one thing.

Ari Alexi camera, part of the Advanced Cameraman camera package, can capture your arc shots like none other. Whether you want the focus to remain on your center figure, or to focus on the sweeping background images, the Ari Alexi will be able to offer you that option both during filming and in post production, using its included advanced image processing software.



Deep Focus


It’s likely that you’ll be using the deep focus shot numerous times in your video production. This is a multi-purpose, general shot that can even be cut at the editing stage to produce secondary shots.  Orson Wells was a big fan of it, and it’s likely you are, too. As such, you’ll want to ensure that all your deep focus shots come out perfect. If you lose these and have to do them over, it could mean reconstructing entire sets from the ground up.

The Canon C300 is the go-to tool for the deep focus shot. With a wide dynamic range, responsive interface and compact design, this workhorse won’t let you down. You get it with the standard cameraman package, proving once again that it should be standard equipment in every producer’s back pocket. 


Smart producers know that the trick to making sure you head out with the best camera package is in reviewing the shots you want to take. Now you know that choosing between the standard cameraman package and the advanced cameraman package is easier when you have your final results in mind.