B Roll Tips for Corporate Video Production

Sep 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by Trenton Massey



What is B roll video? 


It's the footage that enhances a video and fills in the empty spaces to keep a video presentation engaging for the viewer. With B Roll, you visually explain things or tell a story. It connects the dots and implements important facts needed for the audience to understand what is going on. B Roll is basically any filament footage not captured while shooting principal photography on any given video.   

 There are a few different ways to acquire B Roll footage for corporate video production.

  • The first and simple way of doing this is to search online through a number of sites that sell B Roll footage. Sites like Nimia and Shutterstock provide B roll footage for every This is definitely a good option if you are in a jam or do not have the money to shoot any further footage. Keep in mind that you will lose a great deal of control over the visual look of your project by using stock B Roll from another production house. In a nutshell, this option keeps you some what limited in your creative control. If you do come across quality b roll, chances are the licensing will be very costly because of yearly rights to usage fees. 


  • The second and most effective way of acquiring B Roll footage is to get with your production team and shoot the footage yourselves. This would definitely be the preferred method for corporate video production. Schedule to shoot on days in between or after you have wrapped principal photography. It is recommended that you schedule these days during the initial Pre-Production phase of a project to avoid losing money due to flaws in logistics. When shooting your own B Roll, you have the option to match continuity with the principal photography and give it a very professional look.


Benefits to shooting your own B roll

You have the option to switch up the shot technique and change camera movement for different B Roll shots to satisfy your preference. For example, if avaiable, you can use a Dolly to get a smooth fluid shot or use a steadicam rig to follow a subject. There are many options to choose from when it comes to Camera equipment and technique for a video production, use all of these options when shooting B Roll to keep the shots interesting and try not to settle with a static shot if can get away with it. 


One of the last B Roll Tips for Corporate Video Production would be to treat the B Roll footage like principal photography and do not rush through it. It is just as important and in many cases can make or brake a project.