how to organize your business using corporate video production

Sep 16, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

Video for business has evolved into a very large demographic. Video production is essential in determining the flow of a business. Rather it be lobby videos for your clients, training videos for your employees or advertisement videos for your business, Video has proven its importance to the corporate industry no doubt... 

If you are running a business in todays world of technology and have not found a way to incorporate video into your business's core structure, than chances are you are falling behind several speeds faster than most. As sad as it may seem the average human attention span is less than 2 seconds. Most would rather watch than read.


how to organize your business using corporate video production

  • There are many different aspects on how to organize your business using corporate video production. 


  • The first main difference between internal and external corporate videos would be Video Distribution.




Company Videos: 

In most applications, Company videos involve training videos, sales videos, web videos, recruiting videos, etc. INTERNAL VIDEOS DO NOT NEED DISTRIBUTION. 

These types of corporate videos are meant to provide your user with an engaging, educational and supportive experience. Company videos are tools to better your business structure and communication with one another!

Now I can think of several ways that your sales, web and recruitment videos could benifit with a distribution campagin ........ it's just not always the suggested route to take when spending advertisement dollars. 

If you have the budget liberty to experiment testing the effectiveness of advertising your training videos, then I could really understand why large corporations take those risks.

However, "Many small business owners are still not adopting modern technology and marketing approaches." Therefore it is important to understand how video production is effective and not a burning hole in your pocket. 



  • Did your thousands invested into one video campaign produce positive results?

  • Did you get close to breaking even? 

QUICK TIP: Video Internet Marketing and Social Retargeting has certainly arose in these past few years. Making Internet VIdeo Distribution possibilities almost endless when it comes to determining what video your company should distribute.




Video Marketing: 

The advertisement side of corporate video usually consist of one video with a strong company sales pitch. Max length of 30-120 seconds, this video is designed to drive traffic to your company regardless of the route taken. This is your word of mouth, catchy jingle, advertisement geared to remember type of video campaign. TV distribution, online distribution, radio distribution and more! EXTERNAL VIDEO MARKETING NEEDS ALL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION!


When producing an image for your next corporate video advertisement, THINK CREATIVE AND BE YOUR TRUE BUSINESS!!! Believe it or not .... people like honesty!


Although every aspect of corporate video production proves its ROI quickly for your business, your corporate video advertisement is designed to capture all audiences such as future employees, sales, social likes and just contact period.

If your business is equipped with the right internal videos to support and engage your audience, external video marketing will create purposes for all of your company videos!

If you plan on creating a promotional driven video for your company, and have not thought about video distribution at all, take a couple steps back and remain patient when it comes to promoting your business. Distribution is a big piece of the success puzzle for video marketing, not just a great video!


Download a guide to corporate video production from start to finish   



The main ? to ask yourself, what part of your business needs the improvement? Internal or External?

Keep in mind that with out a strong internal structure, external video production will suffer its potential from the beginning. 



  • Use company videos to ensure strength among your employees and business. 

  • Promote your business by dedicating a large portion of your video marketing budget towards video distribution. 




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