7 quick tips on how to produce a interview based company video

Sep 22, 2014 6:00:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

There are several approaches on how to produce a interview based company video. Modern video producers have indulged technology to its fullest by creating cutting edge material for simple corporate videos. These fascinating results have come about by applying industry standard film making techniques to every video you make. With the exception of certain viral videos, quality does matter! 

Corporations have used these methods for even their most basic of training videos. It makes sense though right … ? If a business can't keep their employees engaged in company training videos ----- than they are losing attention spans from the start! Save your audience the boredom of one person talking onscreen for 60 minutes straight. Keep all audiences engaged in your video presentation with these 7 quick tips...




Interview Video Production


1. Use precise questions to develop dialogue: 

how to produce a interview based company video

Natural interviews work best. Express comfortableness to your subjects. The reality of human movement is seen clearly through the lens. With less experienced subjects, over acting plays very well on camera. Make sure they over enunciate their message clearly for audio levels.Biggest role of this dialogue development stage is the Producer ........ Who ever is in charged of asking the subject questions needs to be people oriented, ready for conversation and good at delivering messages through the right answers. Interview videos need less structure in terms of teleprompter answers. Start with a basic starting question, and let the subject ad-lib appropriately. 

QUICK TIP: With corporate companies it is usually suggested a business representative play this role. Chances are, he are she has developed more rapport with that subject than a random producer or video company they have never met. If there is not a business representative qualified for question asking, it is recommended to seek a Professional Producer in addition to camera operators.  



2. Use a voice over or narrator on camera to present your video between interview dialogue: 

This gives the user a reference point. Changes the dynamic. A lead dialogue is only appropriate for certain interview based videos. Let's say you have a compilation of several interviews. A lead dialogue can drive every answer into one main message.



3. Use multiple cameras:

A perfect combination of multiple cameras with the right lens can guarantee results every time. 

  • A cam - wide static 

  • B cam - close static

  • C cam - motion control

  • D cam - hidden go pro 

3 best camera packages for corporate video production. 



4. Make sure to use b-roll footage for engagement purposes:

Don't chinch either! Static shots express immediate simplicity and are less engaging.   

B Roll Tips for Corporate Video Production.



5. Change the dynamic! Interview more than one subject!

Change demographics by using multiple ethnicities OR pair two subjects that communicate well together in one scene. 



6. Don't always use the same stagnant back ground.

Use as many different settings and locations to interview your subjects until you feel you have enough. Interview certain pick up subjects in busy places such as offices, restaurants, etc. 



7. MOST IMPORTANTLY! ---- Keep your video flowing with one main direction.

Don't try and cover too much ground with this one video. You can usually turn a single video idea into three. Focus your energy on the main objective to your video. Use music to give your video life with a solid beat and tell this story to your benefit. 




Believe it or not,...... it is very easy to edit a 6 person with 4 location and 10 setting interview video down to a 30 second powerful and engaging video presentation. 

Impact your audience with memorable stories. 

Save extra footage in a database for future videos with out limiting yourself. I like to stock pile as much relative video content until post production says the key phrase ……….. "We have more than enough to work with!"


FINAL TIP: Use multiple cameras on your interview subject in different locations  combined with quality b roll footage and a solid audio dialogue presentation! I hope these 7 quick tips on how to produce a interview based company video will offer insight for your next corporate video. 




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