Motion Control: It's finally here... and it's affordable

Sep 18, 2014, 9:00:00 AM

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Posted by Trenton Massey


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Motion Control is something that people are going to start seeing a lot more of when viewing independently produced videos. This new wave of technology is definitely going to be raising the bar for cinematographers around the world. Why, might you ask...

Because for the first time ever, motion control systems and equipment are affordable for the low budget shooter, thanks to companies like Kessler and camBLOCK who have been developing and designing motion control products for the past few years.

Since the 1970's, motion control has been dominated by the big studios and only seen in studio productions. Slowly, but surely that has changed and now cinematographers can push themselves even further to bring a desired image to life. Many of us have felt somewhat limited in the past when preparing a shot list. With plenty of brilliant ideas for camera movement and transitioning, but not enough money to bring it to life. The emotion one feels from not achieving full potential of their creative value when shooting is frustration and pure bitterness. Those days are over and a new horizon is now visible for independent cinematographers.

Companies like Kessler provide an amazing amount of help and support when purchasing or assembling their products. Leave intimidation at the door when stepping into the new world of motion control because in this day and age, people involved in the industry are much more generous about supplying information and secrets that will improve your skills. There is without a doubt, a much more communal feel amongst filmmakers in the present day than in the past. This opens up a lot of opportunity to gain access to state of the art equipment and techniques such as motion control. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for independent filmmakers.



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