Certain Things to Look in for Corporate Video Production Services!

Apr 25, 2015 12:08:00 PM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus

Choosing a company to provide corporate video production services is an important and sometimes daunting task.  By following the 5 tips below, you should be able to choose a video production company that will help produce a quality product that will reach your target market and represent your company and the service or products they provide.

1.  Are their ideas fresh and creative?

When choosing a company to provide your next video services, you will want to review their previous work for other customers.  You want to make sure they approach their work with a unique or creative approach that fits your target audience.  If their work seems stale or repetitive they may tend to recycle old material and ideas instead of coming up with new creative work that fits with their clients.  Make sure the company you choose is able to provide the edge and creative approach you need to get your message apart most efficiently. 



2.  How well is their production quality?

With varying technology available in video production services now, quality of the work is extremely important.  A review of the company's previous work should show the overall quality they are capable of and what kind of quality standards they hold themselves to.  Things to look for include fluidity of the content of the video, appropriate lighting, and quality of sound.  All of this can be affected by production equipment, but also can reflect the level of skill the video professionals in that company have.




3.  Do they care about and are they interested in the services or products your company has to offer?

When first meeting with a video production company they should want to learn more about the products and services your company offers, as well as what your company stands for and who they are targeting.  All of this is extremely important before production begins so that you can make sure that your company is not only represented well, but the message that you want to get across is apparent.  A good production company will have done a little bit of research on your company before the initial meeting so they can help guide the ideas and creative.  If you meet with the company and feel they are not interested in the content you are wanting produced, it is probably best to go with another company as this disinterest will most likely be reflected in the final piece.


4.  Does their company have similar philosophies or overall culture?  

If there are important ideals and culture that your company upholds, such as an environmental concern, it is important that you choose a company that reflects your same ideas and beliefs. This will often come through in the final product, so if you and the production companies philosophies as similar you will know you are represented in the way you would like to be. A quick web search of the production company will probably give you inside  into their philosophies.


5. Budget

While money should not be the only thing considered when choosing video services, it is important to find a company that can meet your project budget.  While different services offered by video companies can vary in price, you should be able to find a company that can work within the designated budget you have set and still produce a high quality product that will showcase what you need.


By asking the 5 questions above of your video production company, you will have a good start of making sure the company meets the needs for not only your current project but you company.


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