Choosing the right video production company to shoot your next video

May 6, 2015 7:32:00 AM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus

 Video marketing is one of the most innovative, engaging and powerful marketing tools that have grown tremendously in the recent past. Many of the marketing videos are made for and distributed through the web to the target audience. They may be distributed through the main company site, blog pages or a related third-party site.  These videos can also be used in presentations, events and shows as sales tools. In addition, they can be used to orient new members and existing members on the company brands and the target market. A good marketing video presents your product or service in line with the company image and builds a brand that leaves vivid memories in the minds of the clients. 


Businesses to business markets are often challenging given the level of knowledge and discernment the sellers face. It is thus important to give accurate, engaging information to spur action. The success of the video campaign depends largely on the expertise of the creator to make a video that engages the clients with the brand at hand. It is thus important to select a good creative team for the best results. Most corporates have an in-house videographer, but there is a need to outsource creative video projects to creative videography firms for the following benefits.


  • Extensive experience in related projects

A professional video company has a wide experience in projects with different requirements, challenges and similar backgrounds. This places them in an excellent position to give credible advice on creating brilliant videos.


  • Right Talent

Looking for the right talent is usually a hard task. A good video is a mix of the right tone, pitch and sometimes a presentable face. It may take quite some time to get someone that fits the above qualities if you do it by yourself. A professional video firm has ways to get the right talent and create superb videos.


  • Professional video equipment rental

The skill and the quality of the equipment that is used to shoot and edit a video have a bearing on the quality of the video in the end. As a company, you may not have all the equipment needed and the skill to produce quality videos professionally. Quality is everything in a video. It would be desirable to hire experts in the field for quality output.


  • Third party opinion

Sometimes there is a need for some criticism from a neutral third party. A third party may pinpoint areas that need improvement that you may have overlooked. It is also a good platform to test the effectiveness of your videos before releasing them to the target group.


  • Quality of the video

A video production service company assists put together a video that is;
  • Concise. You do not beat around the bush when passing on your message.
  • Right length. The length of the video is determined by the purpose of the video, the method of distribution and the target audience.
  • Engaging. The audience should feel as if they are part of the video. It should give solutions to their problems. Engaging videos convert the audience to active buyers of your goods and services. They are also memorable and leave vivid images in the minds of the customers.
  • Reflects the brand image. The message that clients associate with your brand should be maintained by the video. This could be fast service, reliability, long lasting among others.
  • Right tone. The tone of the voice is as critical as the message passed to the audience. A gloomy, dull voice will put off audience in the very first instance.