Comparing Marketing Strategies for Corporate Video Production Services

May 12, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus

Marketing in business today means constantly competing in a saturated market. You cannot afford to fall behind the constant stream of new technology. You need new content, quickly, in a way that conveys your brands message to new customers and potential recruits. As recent years have shown the companies that master video production as their medium are the ones rising to the top. Below are three marketing strategies that take advantage of corporate video production services to further your business.

 Let Actions Speak Louder than Words

Video is a fast growing marketing strategy, because it is more persuasive than any other type of media. It engages audiences visually and linguistically creating a visceral experience that is hard to forget. Broadcasting your product with video is a way to give evidence to the benefits it can provide. Savvy customers want to see that they are getting a good value instead of just hearing it from you. Video is great way to convey this and a great deal of information to an audience with an ever waning attention span. It is especially effective when you need to explain the intangibles of what your product or business can provide for them. Powerful imagery suggests promise far better than words alone. 

Cater to Your Audience

Video production services affords you opportunities that other types of marketing do not. The first being, the chance to define specifically who your target audience is. By assuming the mindset of your customer and creating content that speaks to them; you create a lasting character for your brand. 


This deep connection not only helps sell your production, but also personifies your entire business making it personally important to your customers. 

Production services give you the equipment, know how, and space to bring the vision of your business to life on screen. The result is content that you and your customer can be inspired by and proud of. 


The Customer Is Always First

Your customer needs to know that you can fill a need for them. However you can communicate this most efficiently is best for your business. Try not to bog down your message with the minutiae of what you do, instead turn the focus outward, toward what you can do for your customers. Can your clothes make them feel empowered? Can your experts fix broken equipment and keep their possessions in working order? Video production services allow you to take these messages straight to consumers so that you can solve their problems.  

Video, as a medium, allows personal connections to build from customers to businesses. In this fast paced world of constant growth and new technology, these connections mean revealing the human element of your business to the world. While this certainly makes businesses more successful, it also makes the work they do and the products they sell more meaningful. This allows customers to see not only how you are trying to meet the demands of a growing business, but also that you are aware of the need you fill and your place in their lives. An aware and caring business model will show in the videos you and the video production services you use, create for existing and future customers. These marketing strategies are all ways that videos help you reach your audience in a meaningful and relevant way. 

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