3 recommended video camera packages for corporate video production

Oct 17, 2014 10:34:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus


With so many camera choices to choose from between all of the different brands available on the market, you can't blame someone for being indecisive when searching for the right camera. It always becomes a process of deduction and a weighing game. Below are three video camera packages for corporate video production based off of both popular demand and technician preference. The cameras suggested are guaranteed to meet the quality expectations of any corporate entity. Think of these tiers in terms of Low, Mid, and High.

#1 - Low-Budget Corporate Video Production

Canon C100, Sony A7S/A7R, Panasonic Lumix GH4: Sony_A7R_Corporate_Video_Production

These cameras have currently remained the most poplar in this tier of video production for a reason. They produce quality imagery and cut extreme amounts of budget corners. Professional camera operators with experience can perform remarkable results. The C100 has high dynamic color range and performs well in low light. Also has the added benefit of XLR inputs, ND filters, and options only a true video camera will offer.

The Sony A7S/A7R and Lumix GH4 are mirrorless cameras that shoot 4K log and provide stunning imagery for the price point. The draw backs with these two cameras come when bringing them up to industry standard guidelines needed for field production. 


  1. These cameras do not provide XLR inputs to sync audio with an external recording device.

  2. These cameras are also very small and sometimes require the added weight of a support rig. It is very tough to get smooth fluid action with the body and lens only. 

  3. The other draw back comes with live productions, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Both cameras have a max recording time length of 30 minutes. These are not video cameras, they are not recommended for use on any event lasting longer than 30 minutes.   


#2 - Professional Corporate Video Production

Canon C300, Sony FS7, Sony FS-700: 


The cameras in this tier capture a quality of imagery that surpasses the cameras mentioned in the first package. They perform longer, offer more dynamic color range and options like high speed (with the exception of the C300). They also come equipped with professional input options on the bodies of the cameras. For a consumer & professional, these cameras contain everything needed to yield remarkable results. The Canon C300 falls in this tier, despite the fact that it only captures in HD(1920x1080), the imagery that you can get with this camera looks stunning.

The Sony FS-700, which is built with a 4k ready sensor, is now able to capture in 4k via a separate recording unit that is linked up to the camera. With those kind of options in that price range, the possibilities are astounding. Now we have the Sony FS7 which captures 4k internally, offering a different solution to the FS-700 and it's separate unit, but with less high speed options. 


#3 - Advanced Corporate Video Production

Arri Alexa XT, Red Dragon, Sony F55: 


These cameras fall in the top tier and are some of the ruling favorites in the industry. They out-perform all cameras mentioned in the previous packages by far. Not only do these cameras cost more money to rent or buy, but they take up a lot more memory and it can be costly to store footage and create back-ups. Though the quality of imagery that you get from these cameras is worth every extra penny.

All three cameras perform exceptionally well in low lit scenes, it's debatable which performs the best. The RED Dragon and the Sony F55 take the lead in high speed ability over the Arri Alexa which only reaches a max of 120fps. As mentioned above, it always becomes a process of deduction and a weighing game to figure out what is going to work best with your budget and the client/producer's desired look.



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