7 Quick Tips to Consider for your next Company Video Production

Sep 8, 2014 1:14:00 PM

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Posted by Trenton Massey

In our fast moving world as we know it today, things change rapidly... including technology. It seems every average Joe has some sort of camera that shoots "HD" these days and has some runt of the mill editing software. This has opened up a new opportunity for businesses to cut corners when creating a company video to represent their company. But is it a good idea to cut corners when representing the business? 




Here are a few quick things to consider for your next company video production... 


1. Avoid hiring someone within the company to produce, shoot, and edit your video for you

Nine times out of ten, it will not be done on time and it will fall very short of what was envisioned for the final product. Usually there is a lack of prosumer equipment to thoroughly get the job done well and a lack of unbiased opinion to make critical decisions. 


2. Avoid hiring someone fresh out of college. 

Let these kids build up their experience other ways. Not experimenting with your budget to hopefully get the results you desire. Contact someone with a body of work that you can sort through and that has experience. Then decide if they are competent enough to get the results you need. 


3. Be present and communicate all ideas and concerns with the producer during video pre production.

This is essential to getting the results you want. Do not throw the project in the lap of a production company with little communication and hope to get the exact results that you envisioned. Spend the time to discuss every aspect of the project during your video pre production.


4. Keep your video crew fed while on set.

This goes a long way for moral and it could yield better results behind the lens. The video crew will usually break they're back for you if you exude respect and consideration for them.


5. Keep communication open with your camera crew during the entire editing process.

This saves time and hassle for both parties. If you expect your project to be done on time, you will have to make yourself available to the production team for approval and opinions.


6. Do not expect a video production company to handle things they are not asked to.

For example, distribution of the final product, whether that be online or to a station. This service can usually be rendered out by most production companies, but is a separate service aside from post production. Make sure a contract clearly states what it is you expect out of your video crew.


7. Make sure you discuss who will store the footage after all video production services are rendered.

Do not expect or assume anything. Vital footage has been lost this way and can be avoided by simply bringing up the subject, so don't forget.







It is my hope that these tips help you along your journey to creating an effective company video and preserving the archive footage. Remember, if you want that desired result, check the list and consider the tips. Feel free to add to the list based on your own experience.


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