Creating a company vision and mission statement using video production

Oct 22, 2014, 8:42:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus


Corporate video production along with online media advertisement is paving the future of businesses across the world. It is very important in today's SEO world, to have a solid catchy pitch 2-3 clicks away from any viewers first visit.

Use video production to create your next company vision and mission statement

Here are some great examples of company vision and mission statements that follow best practices:

Although every business may have different approaches to producing their company mission statement into a short form video, it is important to follow modern trends that will deliver the pitch appropriately by keeping viewers engaged until the end. 

Until the end? I know that is tough to do with this generation of attention spans. 2-3 clicks = 1-2 seconds and BAM, the viewer has already added you to the series of clicks they have made in the last 30 seconds until finding a source they may stay on longer than a minute or two. 


creating a company vision and mission statement using video production


Try not cover to much on this video presentation. You will notice that not one, but all three of the references provided are 1-2 minutes max.

Simple, catchy, powerful dialogue, and most importantly beneficial information provided for your viewer. You want to keep the door open at the end of this video and let your viewer further their interest in your product or services.

Quick tip: With Vimeo and YouTube analytics, you can analyze at which point the viewer lost interest -- and with this video, we want the play through rate to be over %75. Use this tool to refine your efforts over time.


I hope I have reassured your research up until this point. Google CTRs (click through rates) increase dramatically with video presence on every website page. This vision and mission statement needs to be one of the first things the viewer sees.

So go on and create one for your company!

If you are further interested in the different aspects of company video production that provide great resources and tools for other sections of your companies website and/or business, take a moment to read this Ebook "How to grow your business using company video production."






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