The difference between camera packages and video production packages

Apr 15, 2015 9:00:00 AM

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Posted by Trenton Massey

To be fair... it's a good question to be asking oneself... "What is the difference between camera packages and video production packages?"... Well, to fully explain this, we have to look at the three stages of video production. If you are not familiar with what this is... that's okay... but to understand the difference between the two packages, you must first understand the process and the stages involved with any professional production. 


 It's broken down like this...



  • In this stage you logistically organize and strategize the production and post production of the project, not to mention... addressing the marketing and distribution. You get investment and put together a team of producers and with the aid of a writer and the approval of the financiers... you dial in you're final shooting script. You cast talent, you hire a local crew, you coordinate and rent equipment, and the beat goes on... you get the picture.



  • In this stage... you capture the production you've been planning tirelessly with a well trained cast and crew. With schedules and rehearsals worked out in pre-production, when it's time to shoot... everyone shows up when they should and all departments get to work. This stage involves a lot of physical labor and execution with little rest in between work days typically. During and after the shoot, the footage is organized and an EDL is created for our final stage. 



  • And finally... In this stage the project is edited into a rough cut which is then revised until all parties have come to a compromising decision on the final cut. From there, the final cut is distributed to all other post departments involved with the project. Departments like sound design, 3D animation, Titles and graphics, color correction, etc. Once all tracks, clips, and elements are ready for the master cut... it is time to render the project out on your master sequence... and vuala! You have a final master cut fully rendered. Time for the fun part... marketing and distribution. Now watch the numbers sink or go sky high.


Now that you understand the difference between the stages... Let's break down both packages a bit more...



  • Purchasing a camera package involves renting a camera plus equipment and accessories through or from the company offering the camera package service along with the operator(s) for a daily fee. At the end of each day, the footage is dumped to a hard drive and is given to the customer or producer.  


Now let's break down what a Video Package is...



  • Purchasing a video package means that you are hiring a team of creative producers to logistically organize and strategize your production... Not only that, you are hiring that company to coordinate and shoot the production. And lastly... that same company and it's team of creative producers manage the post production of the project and oversee it till it's met marketing and distribution. 

Main difference being... if you are purchasing a camera package, you're hiring a service to be executed during the stage of production. If you are purchasing a video package, you're hiring a team of creative producers to help manage your project from start to finish... that's the difference. 




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