Does my camera package really need a sound recordist?

Aug 21, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus

One area that many amateur video producers forget to take into consideration is audio recording. When you begin to move the video production into post, the audio and sound aspects tend to take a backseat to the video aspect, to the detriment of the video production. So what is the solution to this easily solved problem?... Hiring a professional sound recordist along with your camera package to bring the audio quality of the production to professional standards.



Role of the Sound Recordist

With smaller production crews, a professional sound recordist sometimes works on the final (post production) audio mixing and syncing when there is not a designated post audio editor/mixer. Sound recordist are primarily called on to arrange boom operators on set while operating the recording equipment and handling adjustments to mix the audio appropriately. In the editing room on post production work, depending on the scale of the production, the recordist may be involved with mixing, audio effects, or making sure everything is synced in a professional manner. However, typically their job is done when production is finished.


Necessity of a Sound Recordist

While not often thought of initially with video productions, quality audio is one of the most crucial steps to making the final production value highly detailed and a professional product. Think of it this way; when you shoot video or stills, are they put through filters? Special post video manipulation? The answers are yes and yes. When this same level of detail and care is taken with the audio, the production's quality skyrockets. Not hiring an independent sound technician is a big mistake, as these highly skilled and trained professionals know how to extract tremendous sounds through hardware and software even during the shoots that are in harsh sounding environments.


Cost/Benefits of Sound Recordist

The initial cost of adding a professional audio package may seem like an unwanted or unnecessary expense, but ask yourself if you are ready to sacrifice the audio quality of the production... Once you begin to answer that question, think of a time when you went to a movie and the audio wasn't synced, or the audio was scratchy, tinny or compromised. When you remember that experience, you see the value of the sound recordist far outweighs any initial expense of hiring the pro. Your skills may not include the audio nuances that are necessary for making your video quality a stand out. Audio is among the first things that suffer in the hands of amateurs who believe they know audio, but really don't have the trained ear that is necessary for the solid and professional audio recording.




Do not skimp on costs where the audio quality of your video is concerned. A good recordist is the key to making your video production a stand out. This is an area that needs to be seriously considered in order to maintain the art that is your production. Don't cut corners with sound, do it right and make your film a pillar of quality and professionalism.


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