Does my video advertisement need a narrative?

Sep 1, 2015 1:45:00 PM

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Posted by Trenton Massey


Maybe it does… Maybe it doesn't… let's look at what a narrative is first.

A narrative in it's simplest terms is a story, an account that can be either fictional or non-fictional (reenactments). It involves a character or characters that aid in convincing the audience that the fictional events they are watching… are real (whether they are based on actual events or not). 

Now let's look at the reasons why you might need to implement a narrative into your video advertisement

A. You need actors to demonstrate the product or service

Actors are a great way to warm your audience up and introduce what your company has to offer. It's no secret that people react better to someone if they can relate with them. Always figure out your target audience when building your characters in the script so that the appeal is guaranteed to be there. Never guess who your audience is… do your research and come to an informed, educated, and strategic decision.


B. You need to prove a point

Sometimes you need a scenario to play out in order to get the full message when simply communicating through words doesn't work. A visual aid of some sort that shows the cause and effect of something and thus gives way to the importance of a product or service. A lot of people tend to learn better when they have visual examples to help them understand something… especially when it's character driven and they can have fun while learning about something new.


C. You need to sell a lifestyle

We see this a lot in advertisement… In order for the product or service to appeal, one has to live a certain lifestyle, therefore your advertisement must touch on the way your target persona lives their personal and professional life across the board. Also, the ad must glorify the lifestyle to convert people on the fence about living that particular way. Whenever we see people in a certain house or car or people in certain types of clothes… it's subliminally saying that if you are not living this way, you need to be and if you are… we've got the perfect product or service for you. 


D. Sales have dropped… and you need a new approach

Maybe you've done a lot of advertising with a host or with motion graphics and you're seeing your company's traffic and momentum plateau out or even drop dramatically… maybe it's time to take a different approach and implement a narrative into your next advertisement video. Evaluate how well the campaign did over the course of a few months or so and decide from there if that is the secret formula you've been searching for. It's worth the extra money it might cost if you are seeing the numbers come in and have a positive ROI.


If your company needs a narrative… pay close attention to the tone and genre that best fits the product or service. Should it be more comedy driven or have more of a dramatic edge? These are questions you need to be asking and not guessing on. I can't tell you how many advertisements I've seen that were completely out of tune with the target audience and utterly failed because of it. Don't make that mistake… get with your team and decide on the right tone based off of informed decisions. 

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