Hiring a video production company over in-house videographer

May 16, 2015 8:52:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

Some of the lines have blurred when it comes to hiring a video production company versus a videographer to film a documentary or corporate production. The term, "videographer," refers to an individual who works with capturing digital video while a company that deals in producing videos makes use of several creators in creating an inventory of films. For example, a production company often employees a cinematographer to oversee people working in production-related roles, such as the camera operator or assistants.

Film Production Assistance

An independent filmmaker or industry professional then is better off securing the video services when producing a film. A company can provide the required footage using the latest in video production equipment to ensure that a producer's traveling production requirements are met. By making use of such a company, he can create a film that meets all the production standards associated with today's technology.



Make Sure the Production Company You Choose is Well-familiarized with Today's Cutting-edge Technologies

The company you choose then to assist you in your film-making endeavors should have a familiarity with the newest of the new in technologies, including such brands as Thinkological, in order to secure high-performance, video-rich applications.



All-inclusive Production Services


In addition, a video company today should make use and be familiar with such traditional companies as Sony, Bolex, Panasonic, etc... as well as camera stabilization systems like Glidecam technologies and JL Fisher. Make sure the company you select regularly provides crew hire services and sound recordist assistance as well.



Videography Services

As you can see, this type of assistance is different than the services of a "one man band" who often films smaller, less technical productions or coordinates production efforts for videos that may appear on such channels as YouTube or Vimeo.

Drawing a line between production and the services of a videographer is primarily affected by the size of the crew, which is much smaller or non-existent when using a single camera operator. Actually, the term "videographer" falls under a category that is closer in line with the services offered by a camera operator or cameraman.

As a result, individuals who work as in-house camera operator often work in productions that are associated with small commercial broadcasts, weddings, or live TV. A video production company, on the other hand, manages and coordinates all the elements of the production process, including sound, lighting, film editing, etc.



How the DSLR Camera Has Changed Film Production Interpretations

The definitions associated with in-house videography and production primarily have been confused because of the advent of digital cinematography as well as the DSLR video camera's popularity. Because the DSLR is able to produce an almost film-like, cinematic product, some videographers may classify themselves as cinematographers when, in fact, the term, technically is incorrect.


Where to Obtain More Information about Film Production Services

Learn how a video production company can assist in your traveling production or independent filmmaking activities. Refer to the Ambient Skies website for additional details and information.