How to make a successful company video using proper pre production

Sep 10, 2014, 4:00:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

How to make a successful company video using proper pre production

Pre production is the most vital step in the process of professional video production services. Like construction on a house, there are several different professional roles and elements that are linked together for one end deliverable.

For most projects, this process gets more in depth than a simple location scout and time coordination. 9 times out of 10, zero planning leads to zero productivity. 

Keep in mind that a videographer is one role of many that goes into industry standard video




When hiring a single videographer:

It is very important for a representative of your team or company to organize production details to ensure an effective production.








When hiring a video production company:

They are equipped with several professional producers that will work with your company to ensure that production details are dialed in.







Why plan for my video production?


#1 - Video pre production is crucial in outlining your realistic budget. 

One of the fears that comes with hiring a production company would be any additional and unforeseen expenses that arise. It is important to be educated on the different aspects of basic video production when outlining your goals. If you take these additional careful steps for your video in the very beginning, the rest of pre production should organize itself appropriately.

  •           How many days of production do I need?

  •           How many different crew members do I need?

  •           What camera packages will accomodate my video shoot?

  •           Will I need any location permits?



#2 - Video pre production is crucial for crew member direction on set. 

It is important to outline your entire day, this gives your crew efficiency. For example, they can dress multiple scenes while one scene is being filmed. In this phase you will also want to outline your video shot list to save time on set. Always make sure the talent, client or subject is being utilized efficiently. Keep them busy and focused while they are in production. To achieve this, once again your crew members need direction. Be strategic in the planning of your production for the most effective results.  

  • What time will each scene be shot? 

  • What is my shot list? 

  • What are the power restrictions?

  • Will my video need quality audio? 



#3 - Video pre production is also necessary for post production. 

It is typical for both client and producer to prevision the end video from start to finish in the very interim. Determine your post production needs ahead of time so that post production doesn't determine itself! Re shooting is never a fun topic for anyone to discuss, especially if it comes down to one small piece of a big production. 

  • How will your video engage the audience? 

  • Will there be a need for multiple cameras? 

  • Will there be a need for multiple scenes? 

  • Do you need additional B-Roll footage? 

  • Will your subject / talent answer questions appropriately or does this production need a teleprompter? 






Searching for more direction?

Now that you have a good idea of what you might do in preparation for your next video shoot, take a minute to download a in depth over view of the entire corporate video production process to really grasp the understanding on how to make a successful company video. 





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