How to use company video production to train your team

Dec 12, 2014 1:27:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus

Are you one of those business owners or recruitment managers that finds themselves sounding like a broken record every time you are conducting a training session and you wished desperately that there was a better solution, not only for yourself, but for your trainees as well? 

Well, assuming you are or if this is new for you and you're simply curious about how to use company video production to train your team, here is the how and the why...

how to use company video production to train your team

It doesn't matter what job title or business it is, everyone undergoes a training session when hired in most positions. With that being said, some training's are more intense or detailed than others. In a physical training session, person to person, a lot of things can be missed, a lot of distractions might occur. When using video to train, you want to expand on every little detail so that the responsibility lies completely with the trainee to learn the information and that no fault lies with you and a lack of du-diligence explaining the job title or position. A video can eliminate miscommunication in a number of ways. For example, the trainee can refer back to the video at any time in or out of work and soak up the information more efficiently. This will help define your core structure and organize your business

Find an energetic, spunky person to host or perform the training in the video if you yourself are not the best candidate and might be a little too dry. You want to keep their attention and using the right host will help to achieve this. Create a well spoken script and double check it so that you don't run into issues after the day of the training video production. Some positions need to be taught in person, but a visual training that you can watch anywhere, that accompanies the hands-on training, is undeniably valuable.

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Consult with your local production company today about stepping your game up in the training department. Make your life little easier and help your team escape the boredom of a mono-toned voice spouting out what might as well be gibberish the first time around.



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