Improve your inbound marketing using corporate video production

Nov 27, 2014 11:25:00 AM

Ambient Skies Productions Blog

Posted by John Schaus


With all marketing, it comes down to quality and relative content... and of course... CONTENT, CONTENT & MORE CONTENT! 

Any of you experts out there know that creating content on a non stop basis can be really tough. Now think about adding relative video content to every one of those blogs. If you are new to the inbound marketing process please do not be overwhelmed with the thought of adding creative video. Here are 3 guidelines that will help improve your inbound marketing using corporate video production. 



Quality Video Production


  • With any technical media you need to remember quality over quantity. 

  • Is video production something you really want to take DIY courses in hopes to achieve effective marketing by yourself? Buying a consumer level video camera to produce "something over nothing" will keep that website viewer clicking right past your standard definition iMovie video… To properly do it yourself, make an investment into not only the right equipment but your time as well.

  • Use DSLR cameras and record audio seperately. According to the 2014 online video marketing survey,… Canon DSLR cameras are the most common brand used for this tier of corporate videos.


Relative Video Content


  • Follow the inbound marketing methods by keeping your video content relative. A blog will not be more successful with just any video on it. This video needs to coincide with the blogs message properly so that the video itself is a rewarding piece of information to the viewer. 


Consistent Video Distribution


  • Include a video in every blog, and blog constantly!

  • Find a way to produce quality and relative video media quick and fast. Green screen videos can be very effective for inbound video marketing because you can produce multiple videos in a few hours of video production. 

  • Adobe Suite offers great templates for post production solutions that are very comprehensive to anyone in the media industries. Here are some other popular industry standard video editing software platforms.  


Inbound video marketing goes hand and hand with blogging weekly. YouTube videos of cats that are not relative to your blogs message will create bad rankings with the wrong demographic of website traffic. Content creation is not easy! Unfortunately there is not a magic red button that will turn on your lead generation efforts over night. 


Here are some great additional resources on online video marketing. 

 If you are interested in learning how to grow your business using Video Production Services, take a moment to read this eBook on the proper suggested routes to get started. Here are the 7 secrets that will help your business see a positive ROI from powerful video marketing.