Is corporate training video production effective?

Nov 3, 2014 10:00:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus


The days of boring computer screen recorded tutorials have been diminishing even with training videos over the past few years. With websites running entire business operations including employee training, it is important to take more initiative with even the most basic of training videos for your employees. After all, we want the "training process" for these motivated new employees to be less brutal then the first few weeks of their new job already is.


Is corporate training video production effective

Corporate training video production is extremely effective if created properly with modern techniques.

If you are interested in converting your old school paper and book training methods to a digital medium, follow these 3 key factors to improve the specific behaviors of your end viewer over time...



1. Engaging
  • Include face time! Start and end the video with a personal one on one. 2 camera angles is recommended.
  • Animate your screen shots! You want to represent your company, software, product or website well. Animate the real functions out to avoid stagnant images. 
  • Monitor! Monitor! Monitor! Let your user depict their destiny by monitoring his or her engagement. With modern tools like Vimeo Pro, you can use analytics to monitor at which point this future employee lost interest. 


2. Interactive 

  • Include questions with enough time for answers! Pause your presentation, give the viewer a moment to catch up. 
  • End with home work! That's right. Homework never gets old! It is important to make this video memorable for the employee. By homework, simply end your video with trial and error tasks so they continue to come back.
  • Update frequently! These videos need to be updated as many times as your company, software, product or website is. 2-3 times per year is standard. Give every employee a reason to brush up their skills by introducing improved methods over time. 


3. Focused

  • Create multiple videos! Don't limit yourself to one holy grail training video, that's impossible. Create a new video for every internal and external FAQ your employee or client may have
  • In-depth and long! There is no time limit for the right training. Make your training process as long and thorough as it needs to be. 
  • Always offer further explanation! These videos won't be enough, just like passing a training test isn't enough. Real work is always needed for practical concerns. As mentioned in #2-B, end your video with trial and error tasks. Offer futher expanation by providing appropriate research. 



Key Tip: It is my hopes that you found this blog to be a beneficial resource for internal corporate training. To find out how to use external video production to train your potential customers, read more here!

Is corporate training video production effective? Please tell us about your training methods. Are they working for your company, product or brand? If they are, we would love to hear additional insight!


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