Is corporate video production expensive?

Oct 7, 2014 6:46:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

You may be searching for ways to incorporate video production into your company. A majority of professionals seeking video production also feel determined in accomplishing this themselves thanks to this amazing digital revolution for all technology driven industries. But is this the best decision? Is professional industry standard video production obtainable with minimal in house operators that do not specialize in this field? 

In todays production world, crew sizes have certainly gone from 20+ to a solid crew of 2-5 operators that each wear multiple hats on every shoot. However, video production requires knowledgable professionals in many different industries to achieve obtainable results that will meet most competitive standards. Video production has increasingly positive results for marketing campaigns in todays digital world. As little as ten years ago, quality video production was extremely costly and only the biggest of companies incorporated video advertisements.  

  • In some aspects, I suppose you could say that the cost of quality video production has changed and decreased immensely with this digital era. 

  • There are extremely talented videographers cutting knowledgeable corners to accomplish big results. 

  • But after a small list of satisfied clients, building a small team was the only next viable option to full fill growth expectations for any professional.

  • Like construction on a house, there are a lot of separate professions in production that all tie into one deliverable - A solid video that engages and captures audiences regardless of its demographic.  

Video productions needs structure, expectations and pre production before shooting can even take place. Sure, my lead videographer is very qualified at delivering quality videos by bringing his camera, lighting and microphone to any location. But are those quality videos going to achieve positive results for your business? For your advertisement? And most importantly for your expectations of one professional video guy? Does a band shoot a music video before recording an album? Does a business shoot a commercial before doors are open? In most cases, no. Videos, commercials and even all cinema are advertisements selling one thing or another.Like any project, cost starts adding up quickly when it comes to labor and equipment.  The importance of pre-production is absolutely crucial for your ROI so that you aren't wasting money renting equipment that doesn't get used to it's fullest potential that day. 

  • Professional video productions takes:

    • producing

    • shooting

    • editing

    • color correcting

    • sound design

    • audio mixing

    • final rendering

    • possible additional visual effects

    • ……… and we all know theres always MORE EDITING!

I know the idea of building a house by yourself sounds nice at first because it seems feasible just like hiring a single under qualified videographer that are going to deliver industry standard Video Production to you by themselves.

Do you really want to jeopardize your companies ROI, on this new project that will result into a laundry list of unfinished projects added up to never get done?? There is only so much one person can do.


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