Is the redcam appropriate for my video production?

Jul 6, 2015 10:00:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus

Today's videographers and film makers have access to technology that only a decade ago was out of reach for most. One of the current and most advanced offerings for video production is the Redcam, a digital camera capable of mega-budget results, at a considerable savings over cameras of years past. This camera is a very powerful tool, but before you rush out to buy one for your video production, several questions need to be asked to ensure the Redcam expense is worth it for your situation.

Type of Shoot


One of the first questions to be asked and addressed is... "What is the type of shoot you are striving for with your video production?" The Redcam, also referred to as the RED, is one of the first (and best) consumer level digital video cameras that is equipped to capture 4K video and beyond. This video quality is the best available currently, but before you jump into the deep end of the pool, ask yourself if your studio is equipped to handle the massive file sizes and editing needs for the 4K and 5K shoots. Keep in mind that even a seven-minute short will require an enormous amount of rendering when heading into the final cut during post production, and if your studio does not have the computing power needed for such rendering, the time required for it may be a negative.


VFX and Practical FX
Another important question to consider prior to using or purchasing this camera for your studio's work is will there be a large amount of green screen shooting with VFX added during post production. If the shoots typically have more green screen work than Practical FX, the RED may be the best option for you as green screen results are seamless with this powerful camera. That said, the clarity and crispness that comes with the RED, even during green screen shoots, is far and away some of the best available today.



The costs of RED cameras are much more manageable today than they were in the past. It is still an investment, but if your studio has it within the budgetary range, the REDcam is one of the best options available to professional and amateur filmmakers everywhere. There will be upgrades and patches needed as the tech advances, but an initial investment in a RED is a one time investment, with patches downloadable for extended use of the camera. It is a highly recommended camera for any serious production. The REDcam has opened up the world of digital video work to the masses. The camera makes what was once unaffordable technology... within reach of most studio budgets. This is a very advanced piece of equipment that manages to manage costs.





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