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Jul 5, 2015 4:30:00 PM

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Posted by Trenton Massey


Company branding is slightly different from directly advertising a product or service… It refers to the promotion of the corporate entity's brand name and their overall integrity. Though the product/service advertising and the company branding are approached very differently because their scope is so vastly separated, they usually run congruently in their architecture for any advertising campaign.

Company or corporate branding affects all stakeholders involved (employees, investors, etc.) which causes strict evaluation of not only the product or service, but the company's culture/ Identity, sponsorship/advocation, brand extensions, and the list goes on.  


This is all great, right?… But you're asking yourself still… How can Video Production Services reinvigorate my company branding?


How it can help:



  • One benefit it gives you is speed… How quickly you can get a video ad campaign off of it's feet and running with all of the available outlets for distribution is unlike anything we have ever seen pre-2009 and has yet to be rivaled in terms of the speed in which it can reach the intended audience. Between the ease of internet access now-a-days and television broadcasting still being a viable and relevant viewing option for visual entertainment, we are at a strange crossroads in advertising history… so take advantage. 


  • Besides speed… Another magical thing happens when you place a well made video ad in front of your audience. Without seeing any stats or hearing any reviews… 9 times out of 10, your company name will get instant credibility from it's viewers subconsciously. This opens the door instantly as an option for that product or service and brand name to reestablish or reinvigorate themselves with a new image, appeal, style, and overall company mission… Being of the people and for the people. If you have made mistakes in the past and have made a bad first impression or your impression was legitimate at the time, but has since turned a little dull in terms of style and approach... Video always offers you an easy way out to reestablish your product or service and reinvigorate your company branding almost overnight. 


  • While on the topic of trying to reinvent yourself in terms of a company's image… let's look at trying to target a whole new demographic and the benefits of video in that department. 


Let's look at these 3 topics… 


  • Lifestyles 
  • Music
  • Modern Wit


... If you can successfully gather on average what type of lifestyle your target demographic leads, what kind of music they enjoy, and the type of intellect or humor/attitude they gravitate toward... you'll be well on your way to converting a whole new age group/generation. By combining strategic time slot/channel choice with a strategized video ad campaign optimized for the inended viewer, you create a proven recipe for success… you just have to due your due diligence while designing/constructing the ad campaign which can be accomplished through proper research. 


Tips to consider:


  • When choosing to launch a new video ad campaign that is reinvigorating your business, be sure to keep things congruent across the board. That means changing things such as your website/social media sites to match the color scheme and tone of the new advertising look/approach. Create everything on the back end and always launch simultaneously to get the maximum effect. Never stagger the release of either of them.


  • While in the process of designing your company's new look/mission… it's important to look at all of the company's past mistakes in all departments. By laying it all out for everyone to see, you're able to grow together and everyone is able to get on the same page and knows what they are working towards. It's always beneficial for the leaders of a company to humble themselves and admit fault for past mistakes while presenting new and exciting solutions to fix those mistakes. You need to know what not to do the next time around so analyzation becomes absolutely key at that point.


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Stay up on current trends and even get ahead of them if you can. For example, the new way of marketing something in a video advertisement now-a-days is extremely different than it was ten years ago. The old way consisted of the companies showing you what they wanted you to see, highlighting key features and always controlling the situation. A more modern approach is focusing on the relation to a person and a day in their life while using said product or service. We're seeing much more emphasis on customer satisfaction and an overall care for quality control in all facets. 


Here are some great additional resources on branding your company by incorporating professional video into your next marketing strategies. 

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