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Apr 17, 2015 8:30:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

When you're trying to stand out from your competition and draw in more customers, one of the best ways you can achieve higher ROI on your marketing and get those warm leads is through highly engaging and professional videos. In fact, most companies are now injecting more video content into their marketing strategy because most people tend to prefer to watch a video instead of reading a wall of text on a website to absorb the same information. Especially if they happen to be on a mobile device.With corporate video production, you can literally show how great your services or products are as well as have an easy to share piece of content. But another great way to keep the customers rolling in is with testimonials in corporate videos, too. Greenscreen_video_production_phoenix

Not Your Average Testimonial

You're probably thinking that including customer testimonials in your videos is probably not the best idea and will make your business seem more like a gimmick than anything else. However, testimonials can be done professionally and in a way that doesn't scream infomercial when you have the right resources and video creators by your side. Why should you really consider the testimonial in video format? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We already know that video content can help customers understand your product or service 75% better than writing it in article format. You want your incoming leads to know what exactly you're doing and how it can help their pain points. Why not have that information come straight from your own current customers?
  • Also, 80% of people remember videos better than other forms of content marketing. When you add in a testimonial, customers are going to remember what was said and will be more likely to click through to your website and become buyers themselves.
  • The proof is not only in the statistics but also when it comes to branding. Corporate video production "humanizes" your company and your marketing strategy which means people will have an easier time connecting with your business and become more trustworthy of your brand. Think about it: aren't you more likely to do business with a brand where you know there are humans behind their marketing messages instead of an anonymous corporate entity?
  • Reaching out to your customers for testimonials, whether they happen to be in video format or written, is a great way to boost your community outreach and really show you care about your customers. This also helps in the overall marketing strategy and viewers will be more inclined to share that video with others in their social networks.

Going through corporate video production is more than just making videos for your website, landing pages, email campaigns or other marketing efforts, it can generate more leads, more revenue, and better ROI. Why not utilize the resources out there for you to make your marketing efforts really stand out?


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