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Dec 17, 2014 2:30:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus


Thanks to YouTube and other internet video platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and VImeo, internet is totally video friendly in 2014. On the other side of things.. thanks to the digital age with the cost of HD cameras going down, independent film makers are now able to afford the equipment and knowledge it takes to produce company videos. 

But it wasn't easy. This HD video digital revolution did not happen quickly and it is now peaking more so than ever. The evolution of online video marketing services is a great guide to understanding how far this industry has come.



Online Training Video Production - 

Late 1990's - Present Day 

The initial core of online videos is still the forefront of online video marketing today, screen recorded training and tutorial based videos. In the mid-late 90's, these were some of the only online videos around based on the ability to record a computer screen presentation via 1 computer and 1 external microphone. Although the quality has improved to meet modern standards,.. the quality was never a concern when it came to the valuable information these type of videos provided to their user. 



According to the 2014 Online Video Production Trends Report, 68 percent of respondents say their online video budgets will increase in 2014 & 81 percent of companies are producing video content for their website(s).

Training videos are used across the web for both internal (company) & external (customer) purposes. Businesses are now forced to embrace the digital age when it comes to quality of video even with basic training videos. The cost behind creating a basic knowledge based video using HD video camera is only a few more steps than a traditional screen recorded tutorial. Here are a few great examples for reference. 


Online Virtual Host -

2000 - 2006

Some of you readers may have never seen this before. Do any of you remember the 3d virtual host craze around the early 2000's? Everyone wanted a virtual host because it was the next new thing for online advertisement. 



This was the processes of taking basic green screen footage and placing it in over a website. In essence, a "live host" would walk onto your screen and point out different popular places to go on the website. 

At the time Photo DSLR cameras did not shoot HD quality video. Implementing virtual host was a very advanced feature companies had to spend large amounts of $$$ for. The learning curve of bandwidth needed for online video presentations also came into play with this trend dying out shortly after the rise of HD digital video on the web.  


Quick tip: In the early 2000's, website trends indicated a large portion of internet users would stay in the top %90 overlay of the website. Flash banners, music and virtual hosts would help keep viewers engaged right where they were stuck trying to learn how to navigate a new website. The average engagement time for one user today is less than 1.5 seconds before they click somewhere else. This has created modern website trends seen in 2014 and projected to be everywhere in 2015 that include extra "blank space" to attract the user where to click next (down down down).  The viewer will ultimately stop clicking when they find a solution to their problem and %____ of internet users prefer to watch a video than read an article. 


Online Viral Videos - 

2005 - Present

By definition.. A viral video is a video that becomes popular from social sharing…. and this mainly refers to YouTube success. Although other platforms such as Vimeo and Wistia are arising, the demographics are completely different. Keep in mind that Google owns Youtube. Many people find it hard to believe but YouTube launched in May of 2005. 
first-youtube-viral-video-LazySundayOn this day, five years ago, the first “viral video” appeared online under the name “Lazy Sunday.” " Lazy Sunday ," the second SNL Digital Short, aired on the December 17, 2005 episode of Saturday Night Live. It features cast members Chris Parnell, an eight-year veteran of SNL, and Andy Samberg, a first-year featured player with little previous screen time. Following its appearance on SNL, the video appeared on YouTube and was viewed more than 5 million times until February 2006 when NBC Universal asked the site to remove it, along with several other copyrighted NBC video clips. View more of this article regarding the birth of YouTube by checking out Hubspot's blog.


Since 2005… Businesses have spent ridiculous amounts of money towards producing "viral videos." Keep in mind that the viral world is comprised of real humans that have real interests. Viral success on YouTube depends on personal use behind the video.  In other words, think twice before trying to buy your way to viral success. 


Online Video Production -

2006 - Present

A combination of web development and video production can be a very strong advertisement technique while keeping your company structured at the same time. Using videos to educate both your front end and back end user is irreplaceable. How often does "hearsay" or "email" confuse communication in modern business? The more corporate execs involved = the more communication and confusion barriers. The message is clear and concise with online videos. A series of topics can arise from one video.. However, the message will always remain the same. 

Internal (back end user): Your employees and company staff. Use video along with a back end to your website to train your employees. The development side of your websites backend can get more advanced with time. But it is important to keep in mind,... how advanced is your business? Does training involve several courses that each have separate exams required for knowledge assessment? Or will your business training be as simple as one video that is used as constant reference for employee guidance.   

External (front end user): Your current customers and potential prospects. Use powerful video advertisement along with advanced smart profiling on the front end of your website to educate your user based on their current stage in the buyers journey.


Video Blog aka Vlogging - 

2012 - Present

Although this method of online video advertisement is very powerful it takes even more time and capitol to implement properly. Content creation has arose big time in 2012-2014 and is the process of creating meaningful content to attract new viewers to your website then converting them into leads.  Content marketing goes hand and hand with what has always been the number one way to find internet success for your business…. Search Engine Optimization.  

Blogging 2-3 times per week can be a very hard task to do for some businesses. It is important to remember the word meaningful when it comes to content marketing. Your website viewers need to find your content supportive to their problems.



After you get passed the tough phase of grasping how content marketing truly works, think about how to start including a meaningful video into every one of your blogs.  Adding a youtube video of cats playing the piano may attract 2000 views a month to your new blog… but will any of those viewers find your content supportive enough to be converted into leads? Most likely not.

Aside from providing useful video references from creditable sources and affiliates, go one step further by producing original video content on a monthly basis and start "Vlogging." 


Video Advertisement Campaigns -  

2012 - Present

Many of you might be new to "online advertisement campaigns." An online campaign can involve several sources of internet marketing including PPC, Social Retargeting, Inbound Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. Inbound marketing is the process of creating original and meaningful content to promote your business with. 

If you have made it this far through this article then the chances that you have some internet marketing experience are probably pretty high. The money it takes to produce a advertisement video DOES NOT stop after the video is done. In fact, video distribution costs are usually up to ten times the amount of production costs. A lot of businesses are moving their TV advertisement budgets towards online marketing simply because of the focused demographics available through social media outlets such as Facebook. 


Video Everywhere  

2015 - Future

The fact that I am now seeing video advertisement while pumping gas is one thing, but the fact that I find myself being attracted to that video enough to watch it while patiently waiting for gas is a whole different story. It is true, video will be everywhere come 2015. With cell phones having the ability to stream full netflix movies with zero interference all based off affordable data plans, it is time to start thinking about where you want to focus your online traffic's attention spans.

Video is one of the only methods to keep a viewer interested longer than 2 seconds on the web. Haven't you have seen the "skip advertisement in 10-9-8... etc" when a video AD pops up on either Youtube or Pandora? Yes the viewer can click on SKIP after the ad was able to deliver %60 of their message.  

While producing and creating amazing digital video content has been more affordable than even for independent filmmakers… using video to advertise business and train employees is now a realistic path for even small business owners. 

Now that you know where online video production services have started and evolved, here are a few additional resources that will help paint a proper picture on how to incorporate professional video into your marketing strategies. 


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