Top 10 cult classic horror movies to watch around HALLOWEEN

Oct 31, 2014 2:10:00 PM

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Posted by Trenton Massey


Are you searching for the perfect movies to watch on Halloween?  I don't blame you if you are... with an ocean full of un-original, lack-luster rip-offs, it's hard to find the right horror film with out wasting your money first. My suggestion... Go back to the origins, when horror was actually groundbreaking and fresh filmakers made new and original stuff nobody had ever seen before. I'm mostly referring to the late 1970's and the whole decade of the 1980's. It is hard for me to narrow the top 10 cult classic horror movies to watch around HALLOWEEN, but here's a few to start off with...

Top 10 cult classic horror movies to watch around HALLOWEEN


1. Creepshow (1982) - A classic horror anthology that has five hilariously creepy segments that have stood the test of time and are still just as effective and scary today, as they were when they were first released. Stephen King, who wrote the film, also delivers a brilliantly funny performance in the roll of Jordy Verrill. Directed by the godfather of horror George A. Romero. 


2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II (1986) - If you haven't seen this film and you're a horror fan... you need to to see it. Your missing out on one of the most outrageous and unexpected horror sequels to ever grace the screen. If you want fun, terrifying thrills, then pick up this gem directed by the one and only Tobe Hooper. 


3. Pumpkinhead (1988) - This awesomely scary fright-fest encompasses all of the classic horror staples and pushes the line between PG-13 and R. It's a must see for adults, but it's also a good one for the kiddies... it'll scare them right to bed. This film was the directorial debut of FX master Stan Winston, and is quite an accomplishment. 


4. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1983) - I'm guessing a good majority of horror fans watch the original Halloween around Halloween, but one sequel that is looked over and under rated happens to be the anomalous third installment which has nothing to do with Michael Myers and the events of the first two films. It might sound like a turn off, but this film stands on its own as a horror classic and is a frightfully good time. Directed by the jack-of-all-trades filmmaker Tommy Lee Wallace. 


5. Friday the 13th part 4: The Final Chapter (1984) - This installment definitely delivers all of the goods and stands out amongst other sequels. With a classic performance by Crispin Glover and an earful of haunting sounds by the veteran composer Harry Manfredini, this one is sure to have you laughing and screaming. Directed by the talented New York native, Joseph Zito.


6. The Fog (1979) - This is one of the best horror films of the 1970's and was Carpenter's follow up project to Halloween. In this film he perfected his craft in a lot of ways and really proved that he was hear to stay. The Fog is a terrifying joy ride to embark on and I would recommend adding it to your collection if it is not already there. Directed by the almighty John Carpenter.


7. Night of the Creeps (1986) - This is one underrated piece of gold that has been skipped over. One of the first comically styled satire horror films that blended sub-genres and comedy into a hybrid masterpiece of chills and thrills. This film gets two thumbs up and yes, Tom Atkins was the king of horror in the 1980's. Directed by the wiz kid Fred Dekker. 


8. Re-animator (1985) - This adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's book was an instant underground hit the second it was released. People couldn't believe the horrifying and humorous content they were witnessing. As shocking as the film is, it has a lot of brains and will satisfy all horror lovers appetites. Directed by the horror legend Stuart Gordon.


9. Phantasm (1978) - This psychedelic terror adventure was considered to be one of the most disturbing horror films for years after it's release. If you're looking for a fun scary time, this film has it all and more. The film's antagonist, The Tall Man, is an absolute horror icon in every way and will surely creep you out. Directed by the independent genius Don Coscarelli.


10. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) -  Freddy Krueger is a household name, but you would be surprised by the number of people who have still not seen the original film. The first film is definitely the scariest and is still chilling to watch after all these years. With a debut acting performance by Johnny Depp, which launched his career, and brilliant FX gimmicks through out that tingle the spine, this is a must see for any horror buff. Directed by the duke of imagination Wes Craven. 



I hope you have spledidly dreadful time!