Top 20 questions to ask yourself on every corporate video production

Oct 14, 2014 3:25:00 PM

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Posted by John Schaus


With every corporate video production, several key thoughts and concerns arise in the preliminary stages when coordinating the usable capture of legal footage. Some of these questions will require management and equipment knowledge to answer efficiently. Other questions may require a quick phone call to clear up. These questions are not educated assumptions, they are based of learning experiences that come with years of production development.  


Remember, even with smaller corporate video productions, these questions provide a quick pre-production checklist to follow. 


Top 20 ?'s to ask yourself on every video production

  1. questions to ask every corporate video production

    Is there a time line or schedule already created for the day(s) of production? 

  2. What are the power restrictions?

  3. Will I need any location permits?

  4. Is there access to a restroom?

  5. Will there be a need to hire off-duty police?

  6. Will the production require a lot of assistance?

  7. How many different producers and crew members do I need?

  8. Is make-up department necessary?

  9. How many 10 hour days will it take to complete?

  10. How much food is needed for catering/crafty?

  11. Does the production need multiple cameras? 

  12. What technical specifications are required for footage capture?

  13. Will the video need quality audio? 

  14. Will there be a need for multiple shot set-ups? 

  15. Is additional B-roll footage desired? 

  16. Will the talent have script memorized or do they need a teleprompter? 

  17. What is the video's target audience? 

  18. Will release forms be needed?

  19. What is the desired method of distribution?

  20. Has a deadline been established for project?

Here are some articles that have good insight on the beginning stages of a corporate video production. 



 Download a guide to corporate video production from start to finish  

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