What do I need with one basic video production equipment rental?

Dec 9, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

video-camera-rentalHave you been asked to organize a video shoot and you have little to no experience dealing with video production? Perhaps you are the middle man and you are just curious as to how you can cut corners and narrow down the essential items you will need on set for a productive video shoot. The items listed below are all that's required to pull off the most basic of video shoots.

These are the absolute essential items you will need with one basic video camera rental.


  • Camera w/ Tripod - This can be any make or model, but it is suggested that you use an HD camera that possesses industry standard specs and is somewhat in the professional realm. For example, the Canon 5D Mark lll.

  • Shotgun Mic w/ Boom stick - Whether you are recording into a separate recording device or you are plugging straight into the camera, a decent mic to record with is irreplaceable and is an absolute necessity.

  • 3 Point Lighting Set-up - In most given shots, a subject is lit up by 3 point lighting. This is your key light, your fill light, and your hair line light. Choose from any type and temperature that you like, but the absolute minimum should be 3 lights. If the lights have a significant amount of weight, it is suggested to rent sandbags for security.

  • Portable Audio Recording Device - This can range from all makes and models. Depending on how important the audio is, what will determine the type of device you choose to record with is the price of the rental. Keep in mind, if you are recording separately, you will want to make absolutely sure that you rent a slate board for matching audio in post.

If there is one more item to add, it would be a hard drive. No matter what the project is, you'll need to store your files... Just make sure there is sufficient space before purchasing. Unfortunately, you have to buy this so it doesn't quite fall into the equipment rental list. So if the money is tight and you have to be frugal with a video shoot, this first aid kit will get you through it.



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