What is industry standard video editing software?

Nov 18, 2014 8:30:00 AM

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Posted by Trenton Massey

It's very common, if you are a new editor or if you are searching for an editing house to meet your projects needs, to be curious about what programs are qualified to handle the task. There are numbers of programs for every tier of video editing; the beginners tier, the intermidiate tier, and the professional tier.

What is industry standard video editing software?

Editing programs that fall under the beginners tier are usually free or sold at a very low cost. They are not considered industry standard because they do not possess the required output options needed nor do they offer the same workflow options with other programs. Typically beginner programs are very limited in what they can accomplish, especially with compression options. Programs like imovie or Window's Movie Maker fall under this category.

What is industry standard video editing software

When it comes to intermidiate programs, there are a handful that will meet the demands for large file size projects and that yield more options. Typically, these programs are great for people dabbling in the industry or for people who just picked up editing as a hobbie. There are only a few things internally that keep these programs from being used by the professionals. Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro fall under this category.

 Professional editing programs definitely possess all of the options needed by any editor to accomplish any project of any size. Compression is always state of the art and the layout is always advanced. The main elements that qualify a program to be industry standard video editing software are the timeline setting options and the output compression options. Different programs have different workflows, but now adays, everything is becoming more synched and easier to communicate between different software companies. Programs that fall under this category are AVID Media Composier and Final Cut Pro. 


So if you're searching for the right software to buy, first, ask yourself where you stand in these tiers of video editing. Are you a beginner, an intermidiate, or a professional. If you're a proffessional, I highly doubt you would be reading this blog.  And lastly, if you're looking for someone to hire, inquire about the programs they use to accomplish their work and that should give you insight into their skill level. 







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