Will you hire a video production crew at your next company convention?

Jul 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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Posted by John Schaus

Hiring a video production crew to film your company’s next convention is a great way to showcase the many facets and people of your company. While accounting might frown on paying for a video production crew at the same time that your company is paying to host a convention, the cost of filming your company’s event is a small price to pay for the benefits your company will receive. Here’s why hiring a video production crew to be at your next company convention is a smart investment. Video_Production_Services_009.jpg

Create Multiple Promotional Videos

Every company and organization today needs a promotional video—and preferably more than one. A high-quality video will portray your company in a positive, professional light, and its message can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

By hiring a video production crew to film your company’s next convention, you can get several different videos in a short amount of time. A video production crew will be able to create:

  • a video about your company’s big event
  • a video that doesn’t feature logos from the convention, so you can use it long after the event
  • specialized videos that have specific, targeted messages

Efficiently Capture Your Entire Company

Any company that has the resources to sponsor a convention will have many employees and several departments. There likely will be operations in multiple states, if not across the country, and perhaps throughout the world.

If your company has people in several different states or countries, a convention is the most efficient time to create a company-wide video. It’s easier to film several different people when they’re together in one place than it is to splice together videos from different locations and times. A video production team can get everyone you want on film during a convention, and they won’t even interrupt the activities to get their footage.

A Small Price to Pay

Hiring a video production crew will cost money, but filming your company’s event won’t be prohibitively expensive. Production fees vary based on a few factors, such as:

  • the location and duration of your convention
  • how many cameras are needed
  • how much post-production work is required
  • how many videos you want produced
  • whether you want any special effects or animation added to the videos

Compared to the cost of a convention, a video production crew is very affordable, and the benefits of having one or more videos made will last long beyond the final day of your company's next convention.


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Topics: Corporate Video Production, company video production, Business Growth, Internal Video Production, brand awareness

Topics: Corporate Video Production, company video production, Video Pre Production, Business Growth, Internal Video Production, video production services, brand awareness